Dia de Los Muertos 11/02/15
R Kato


Tony Williams said...

Talk about cultural misappropriation: a white guy in white face digitally sucking the soul from this clearly distraught woman on the grave occasion of her honoring "Passed Beyond" brothers and, maybe, some sisters.....

Oh, the horror!!!!

By the way, anyone know where I can get one or two of those masks before the next full moon?

Parenthetically, a well composed candid photograph and interesting new thread, Robert.

Larry Stueck said...

Tony, I could not have stated it better. I remember looking through the viewfinder and seeing fear in this poor woman's eyes. Maybe the image could serve as the poster print for our group project. I guarantee Robert's photo is better than mine. Thanks for tagging me. Let's see where the thread goes.

R Kato said...

Tony's candid and dramatic interpretation of my post clearly does not coincide with my intent.
My sincere apologies for any misunderstanding.