Time and Ice Abstract II

I have spent 14 days on the black sand beach at the outlet of the Jokalsarlon glacier lagoon in Iceland.  The ice calves from the glaciers and spends up to two years in the lagoon and then drifts out to sea through a narrow channel.  Depending on the weather, time of year, winds, and currents some of it is washed up on the black sand beach.  The results are an infinite variety of shapes and colors.

I have spend much time shooting pieces of ice in the ocean near the shore with 2-6 second time exposures, a series I call Time and Ice.  This is one of my favorites. I shot this at sunset so the light was low, illuminating only one side of the ice. I like the contrast between the hard, glittering ice and the soft, mysterious pebbles under the smoothed flowing water.


Florence Fun - Cathy Cakebread

I love the whimsical graffiti that you see all around Florence. I think it is wonderful, the way that this graffiti artist took advantage of the existing aspect of the building. Insuring that it even included the details of the shadows.


Scorpionfish Face - Joel Simon

I took this photo this morning.  It's confusing enough that some initial views might consider it an abstract, but it's a close up photo of a fish face - very honest.  The fish looks just like this.  The fish is very still and will let you get close as long as you are gentle.  I lay on my belly on the sandy bottom basically just face to face with this very still fish .... to the point where I could see it's gills barely moving in a slow breathing rhythm.  I did my best to match it's breathing pattern, and then we lay together for at least five minutes while I imagined being this fish.  Perhaps I'll grow my beard as a result. 


Siberian Tiger, © 2019 Oliver Klink

I was inspired by a painting, the "Midnight - Black Wolf" by Robert Bateman (Canadian painter). Bateman writes: "In the Midnight Black Wolf painting I wanted to show the ominous presence of a mature, lone wolf, I wanted to create a mood of seriousness and respect - not threat. From the artistic point of view, I was intrigued by the challenge of portraying a black animal on an almost black background. It is something like playing a whole piano composition in half an octave of the bass section." - Robert Bateman


In memory of my father - Dany Suk

 Long lost memories from the Swedish West Coast


Light - Mark Tuschman

This is one of the very last photos I took in Ireland before we went home. I love dramatic weather and the lighting opportunities it provides. It was very windy and the light was constantly changing as the clouds passed quickly blocking the sun and a minute later it would appear with an entirely new light formation.