Guadalajara, Mexico - Larry Stueck

The image is meditative, Zen-like, with the tree serving as a point of reflection - the tree of life. Trees can mean many things such as life, strength, fertility, transformation, spiritual nourishment, and many other attributes. Each time I look at the image, I find myself reflecting on the several possibilities of what the tree symbolizes. 


Bill Jackson said...

A wonderful image with many different interpretations. Because of this, we as viewers are given the gift of being able to experience this image in our own way.

Stuart Koretz said...

A powerfull image that to me feels as if taken from a dream. It poses a self-referential
puzzle: is it an image that I might have seen in my own imagination, or is it an image
imagined by the head in the image, represented by the tree growing out
of it? Whose dream is it, mine or that of the face in the image?

Larry Stueck said...

Bill and Stu, thank you for the insightful comments which exemplify the purpose of our blog - a dialogue about our work, to helps us be better artists.

Oliver Klink said...

The containment of the objects in the image provides thoughtful interpretation. Most intriguing to me was the feel of water, depicted in my mind in the carving of the head.